NFL Power Rankings: Week 5

NFL Power Rankings: Week 5
October 1, 2013, 2:00 pm
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Week four has come and gone. Here are our NFL power rankings heading into Week 5 of the season.

Rank Team Record  


LW: 2

 (4-0) Ho-hum: Another 300-yard passing day for Peyton Manning to go along with his four TDss. He’s at 16 and counting.


LW: 1

 (4-0) The Seahawks are dethroned because they were completely outplayed in the first half against the Texans before rallying for a victory on the road.


LW: 5

 (4-0) While Peyton Manning is getting all the attention for his record start, Tom Brady just keeps winning with a bunch of no-name receivers.


LW: 3

 (4-0) Drew Brees tied an NFL record with his ninth consecutive 300-plus-yard passing game Monday night. It matches the mark he previously set between 2011 and 2012.


LW: 7

 (4-0) Take away the QBs listed above and Jamaal Charles is the MVP of the NFL right now.


LW: 4

 (3-1) The Dolphins learned the difference between a good team and a great team Monday night in New Orleans.


LW: 11

 (3-1) Layup game against the Jaguars in Week 4. They’ll prove if they’re the AFC South favorite and a Conference Championship caliber team Sunday when they host the Seahawks.


LW: 16

 (2-2) The Niners got back to what they did so well last season: Utilize their power run game.


LW: 13

 (3-1) Reggie Bush is Robin to Calvin Johnson’s Batman. Tough four-game stretch ahead (@GB, @CLE, CIN, DAL) before their bye week.


LW: 6

 (3-1) Ah, there is the Jay Cutler we all know (four INTs, fumble vs Detroit). Let’s see how Marc Trestman handles his first loss as an NFL head coach.


LW: 9

 (2-2) Give credit to the Bills defense for forcing five Joe Flacco interceptions. Odds are that won’t happen again this season.


LW: 10

 (2-2) Hard to figure this team out. After topping the Packers at home in Week 3, they lay an egg in Cleveland.


LW: 18

 (1-2) Hopefully the Packers were able to get their running backs healthy over the bye week.


LW: 12

 (2-2) Matt Schaub is under heavy criticism in Houston. How he responds Sunday night against San Francisco could determine how the season plays out for the Texans.


LW: 14

 (3-1) With Jake Locker (hip) out, the front office could look very smart for bringing in Ryan Fitzpatrick this offseason.


LW: 21

 (2-2) Philip Rivers (35-42, 401 yds, 3 TD) flashed back to four years ago in a win over Dallas.


LW: 8

 (2-2) A talented albeit inconsistent team will have some “Huh?” games. Week 4 against San Diego was one of them.


LW: 17

 (1-3) The Falcons' three losses have come to two undefeated teams (Patriots, Saints) and one that is 3-1 (Dolphins). Things will get easier in Atlanta.


LW: 19

 (1-2) They’ve lost two games by a combined six points and were more impressive against the Giants in Week 3 than the undefeated Chiefs were this past weekend.


LW: 23

 (2-2) Brian Hoyer fever has begun in Ohio. Jordan Cameron continues to be a force.


LW: 22

 (2-2) Anytime you intercept the Super Bowl MVP five times en route to a victory, you deserve a jump in the rankings.


LW: 20

 (1-3) Chip Kelly’s offense is still fun to watch. The Eagles' defense, however, is a whole different story.


LW: 15

 (2-2) A major step back for Geno Smith and the Jets after being manhandled in Tennessee.


LW: 25

 (2-2) Their two wins have come over teams who are a combined 1-7. Enough said.


LW: 27

 (1-3) RG3 is very slowly regaining his old form. The defense is still a major concern.


LW: 28

 (1-3) It may be time to turn the QB duties over to veteran Matt Cassel. Good to see the defense make a stop in the fourth quarter for the first time this season.


LW: 24

 (1-3) The Rams were embarrassed by San Francisco on Thursday night. Sam Bradford is quickly cementing himself in the “bust” category.


LW: 30

 (0-4) Remember when the Steelers were one of the best defenses in the NFL?


LW: 26

 (1-3) Like it does every year, the injury bug has bitten Darren McFadden. Not good news for Terrelle Pryor when he returns from his concussion.


LW: 29

 (0-4) Greg Schiano wants “his” players to run “his” system. Unfortunately they’re not very good.


LW: 31

 (0-4) New York has been outscored by 85 points in four games this season.


LW: 32

 (0-4) Hard to find any positives signs with this team. Justin Blackmon returns from a four-game suspension Sunday when the Jaguars face the Rams.