NFL Power Rankings: Week 13

NFL Power Rankings: Week 13
November 27, 2013, 10:00 am
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Week 12 has come and gone. Here are our NFL power rankings heading into Week 13 of the season.

Rank Team Record  


LW: 2


Coming out of their bye week, the Seahawks put the NFL’s best record on the line on Monday night football against the Saints.


LW: 3


Of the three teams that are 9-2 right now, the Saints have the best balance. Let’s see if they can avoid another “Beast Mode” moment in Seattle.


LW: 1


It’s clear Von Miller is regaining his form after being suspended earlier this year. It’s unfortunate how the Broncos battle in Foxboro ended.


LW: 6


Tom Brady just wins football games. If I’m Mr. Gisele, I demand that any running back that fumbles never see the field again.


LW: 5


That’s two weeks in a row Cam Newton has executed a game-winning drive. The Panthers have won an NFL-best seven straight games.


LW: 4


The Chiefs' once-dominant defense has surrendered 68 points in their back-to-back losses, and now they are dealing with injuries to stars Justin Houston and Tamba Hali. Peyton Manning will be licking his chops Sunday.


LW: 8


The 49ers reminded everyone why they reached the Super Bowl Monday night by dominating the Redskins. Michael Crabtree’s return will be a huge jolt to the offense.


LW: 13


Much like the Panthers, the Cardinals are lead by their defense, but get a rise in the rankings due to their QB play. Carson Palmer has thrown for 733 yards and four touchdowns in the last two weeks.


LW: 9


The Bengals trip to San Diego after their bye week looks much tougher now that the Chargers and Phillip Rivers are firing on all cylinders.


LW: 12


Birds of prey: The Eagles have a monumental game against the Cardinals this weekend.


LW: 7


Another slow start for the Colts, and this time it doomed them in the dessert. This is a one-and-done team in the playoffs. Thankfully the AFC South is the weakest division in football. Yes, I said it.


LW: 14


Tony Romo engineered his 11th fourth-quarter comeback since 2011, best in the NFL during that span. Let’s see if he changes history and finds a way to do it in December.


LW: 18


I believe two things about the Packers: 1. They are the best team in the NFC North. 2. If they beat Detroit on Thanksgiving they will make a run during the back end of the season and in the playoffs when Aaron Rodgers returns.


LW: 20


It’s shaping up for another black-and-blue battle against the Ravens Thanksgiving night. Expect the winner to claim the six-seed in the AFC.


LW: 11


The Bears' defense fell on its face in a loss to the Rams. It’s clear Chicago can’t stop the run, and everyone around the league knows it.


LW: 19


The choice to run the Wildcat with backup QB Tyrod Taylor might not have gone over well with Joe Flacco, but it was a brilliant way to milk the clock in a win over the Jets. Kudos to John Harbaugh.


LW: 25


OK, I was wrong about the Chargers – they can win close games. Phillip Rivers was clutch in a huge road win at Kansas City.


LW: 10


Their offensive weapons are great for Fantasy Football purposes. Too bad that doesn’t translate to the actual game. Matthew Stafford (four INTs vs. Tampa Bay) must be better.


LW: 23


Robert Quinn (13 sacks, six forced fumbles) should be defensive player of the year this season.


LW: 21


There’s a Ryan Fitzpatrick-Kendall Wright chemistry brewing in Nashville. The Titans can make things very interesting in the AFC South if they beat the Colts Sunday.


LW: 16


Good to see Mike Sherman opening up the playbook and getting Mike Wallace involved down the field. Too bad their defense couldn’t hold in a loss to the Panthers.


LW: 15


Andre Brown is making a huge difference for the offense, but if they want to make a run in the division Hakeem Nicks needs to be a factor.


LW: 17


Geno Smith is turning into a turnover machine. The rookie has seven in the last two games – both Jet losses.


LW: 26


Mark it down: The Bills will be 7-7 in three weeks. Don’t laugh! They have a very friendly schedule (vs ATL, @ TB, @ Jax).


LW: 24


Please go back to Terrelle Pryor and make the Raiders watchable again.


LW: 22

 (4-7) The Browns were completely dominated by Pittsburgh and now must turn to Brandon Weeden. Ouch.


LW: 30


I hope Adrian Peterson wins the NFL rushing title. Otherwise, it’s been a forgettable season for the league’s best running back.


LW: 27


The finger pointing started weeks ago, and things are only going to get worse for the Redskins before the end of the regular season.


LW: 29


The schizophrenic Bucs have won three straight after losing their first 8 games, which may have saved Greg Schiano his job.


LW: 31


They showed a little bit of fight against the Saints. “Little bit” being the operative words.


LW: 32

 (2-9) The Jags are 2-1 in their last three games.


LW: 28


It’s rock-bottom with the Texans, and now Tom Brady comes to town.