NFL MVP Odds: One Texan makes list

NFL MVP Odds: One Texan makes list
July 8, 2014, 11:15 am
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(Troy Taormina - USA Today Sports Images)

The NFL season is still two months away but we already have some MVP odds courtesy of Bovada.

The favorite -- no surprise here -- is five-time MVP Peyton Manning. He's followed by Drew Brees, Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady.

Just one non-QB has won the award in the last seven seasons. The first non-QBs show up on this year's list at 25/1. Adrian Peterson, Calvin Johnson and LeSean McCoy all come in there. Peterson won the MVP in 2012.

There's only one Texan on the list of 40. Arian Foster's MVP odds are 100/1. So are Johnny Manziel's, Andy Dalton's and Rob Gronkowski's.

Here are the full odds (courtesy of Bovada):

Peyton Manning: 3/1
Drew Brees: 11/2
Aaron Rodgers: 15/2
Tom Brady: 9/1
Andrew Luck: 16/1
Jay Cutler: 20/1
Matthew Stafford: 20/1
Adrian Peterson: 25/1
Calvin Johnson: 25/1
Cam Newton: 25/1
Colin Kaepernick: 25/1
LeSean McCoy: 25/1
Robert Griffin III: 25/1
Russell Wilson: 25/1
Matt Ryan: 33/1
Nick Foles: 40/1
Ben Roethlisberger: 50/1
Marshawn Lynch: 50/1
Philip Rivers: 50/1
Tony Romo: 50/1
Brandon Marshall: 66/1
Demaryius Thomas: 66/1
Dez Bryant: 66/1
Eli Manning: 66/1
Jamaal Charles: 66/1
Jimmy Graham: 66/1
Julio Jones: 66/1
Matt Forte: 66/1
Andy Dalton: 100/1
Arian Foster: 100/1
Eddie Lacy: 100/1
Joe Flacco: 100/1
Johnny Manziel: 100/1
Rob Gronkowski: 100/1
Alex Smith: 150/1
Alfred Morris: 150/1
Antonio Brown: 150/1
C.J. Spiller: 150/1
Demarco Murray: 200/1
Frank Gore: 200/1

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