Miami bill fails, Houston's SB odds improve

Miami bill fails, Houston's SB odds improve
May 3, 2013, 8:00 pm
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The Houston Super Bowl Bid Committee received some good news on Friday.

And it was bad news for Miami. Very bad news.

According to the Miami Herald, lawmakers did not approve a deal to provide taxpayer support for $350 million worth of upgrades to Sun Life Stadium. The bill was actually killed without a vote in the Florida House.

The upgrades to the stadium would have greatly helped Miami's effort to land Super Bowl L in 2016. They are competing with San Francisco for that event.

The loser of that bid will compete with Houston for Super Bowl LI. That will likely be Miami now. And without improvements to the stadium, it appears increasingly likely that Houston will host the Super Bowl in 2017.

In mid-April, the NFL VP of events, Frank Supovitz was in Houston for a visit before the votes to award Super Bowls L and LI. The Texans have already started to put new wide video boards on each end of Reliant Stadium.

Houston's next bid was due on Friday. The plan when Supovitz visited was to implement his suggestions to make the bid stronger. The failure to pass the bill in Miami certainly helps Houston.

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