Meet the Rookies: TE Ryan Griffin

Meet the Rookies: TE Ryan Griffin
July 20, 2013, 3:00 pm
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MTR Extra: Griffin goes to a shooting range

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Meet the Rookies is a 10-part television/web series that takes you off the field and into the lives of the newest additions to the Houston Texans. Find out who the Texans draft picks are, not just as players, but as people.

Ryan Griffin, TE, UConn
6-6, 247, Sixth-round (201)

1. Griffin is one of two players in the NFL from New Hampshire. The other is Kendall Reyes, who was a second-round pick by the Chargers last year.

2. High school football was much different for Griffin than it is for kids in Texas. They didn’t have stands. At halftime, the teams would have their meetings in a barn.

3. Griffin was one of five UConn players drafted this season. That’s a school record.

4. To stay in shape while at UConn, Griffin would play basketball with the school’s top-notch women’s basketball team. “It was just a fun way to stay in shape,” he said.

5. At UConn, Griffin got to meet women’s basketball coach Genno Auriemma and men’s coach Jim Calhoun and said he learned a lot from them.

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6. The sheer size of Houston has surprised Griffin. “You drive 45 minutes, you’re still in Houston,” he said. “You drive 45 minutes from where I’m from, you’re in Boston or you’re in Canada almost.”

7. Griffin wants to get to a Rockets game. He’s hoping to get a chance when the Celtics are in town. He’d also like to get to an Astros game when the Red Sox are in town.

8. A big Red Sox fan, Griffin remembers having the next day of school off after the Red Sox won the World Series in 2004.  

9. Griffin went to Londonderry High School, the same school that produced MLB closer Brian Wilson.

10. He had never touched a gun before moving to Texas but within a few weeks, undrafted rookie punter Andrew Shapiro took him to a shooting range. 

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