Mayock on Clowney: ‘You’d like to see a self-starter’

Mayock on Clowney: ‘You’d like to see a self-starter’
May 1, 2014, 2:45 pm
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Jadeveon Clowney might very well be the first-overall draft pick to the Texans in a week.

But on Thursday, well-respected NFL Network analyst Mike Mayock, on a two-hour conference call, continued his same criticism of the South Carolina defensive end.

“Whenever a guy is blessed with as much ability as he’s blessed with,” Mayock said, “and I’ve made the statement that he woke up this morning with more physical ability than any defensive linemen on the planet and I believe that, anywhere on the planet, with that ability comes certain responsibilities or perhaps certain expectations is the better word. And there are times where he just sort of disappears.”

Mayock specifically pointed toward the Gamecocks’ final game of the regular season, when he thought Clemson tackle Brandon Thompson bested Clowney for the entire game.

“So if you’re that good, why do you disappear for a full game?” Mayock asked.

Mayock said he’s like to see more of an “edge” from Clowney, whom he said is much better when he’s motivated to play well. In that case, Mayock pointed to the Tennessee game, when the Vols’ left tackle was talking trash. Mayock said Clowney then “killed” their entire offensive line.

“So I think when the kid’s motivated, he’s special,” Mayock said. “The downside of it is coaches are looking at each other going ‘OK, are we going to have to manage that every day for four or five years?’ You’d like to see a self-starter, not somebody you have to start.”