Kubiak: Schaub the starter but evaluating

Kubiak: Schaub the starter but evaluating
October 21, 2013, 4:00 pm
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Matt Schaub is still the starting quarterback for the Houston Texans. But that doesn’t mean he’ll be the starter when the Texans host the Colts on Nov. 3.

Schaub couldn’t play on Sunday against the Chiefs because of a leg injury and Case Keenum played well in his absence.

Head coach Gary Kubiak was asked if Schaub will be the starter against the Colts if he’s healthy.

“I’ve got to sit down and look at our situation and what’s going on right now,” he said. “Obviously, Matt’s our starting quarterback and Case played this week because Matt isn’t healthy. Case went in and played extremely well. I’m gonna sit down on the bye week and evaluate where we’re at as a team and move forward from there. So I’m gonna do that everywhere not just at the quarterback position.”

All-Pro left tackle Duane Brown was asked if Schaub still gives the Texans the best chance to win games.

"I think so," Brown said. "He was injured last week but I think he’s the guy. What he’s done up to this point, I don’t think anyone should discredit that. I think Case has a chance to be a great player and he did some great things yesterday but Matt’s still the guy."

Schaub injured his leg against the Rams in the blowout loss two weeks ago and Keenum played well in the loss in Kansas City. He completed 15 of 25 passes for 271 yards and a touchdown against one of the NFL’s top defenses.

“It was impressive what he did. I would say that,” Kubiak said. “To go into Kansas City, that environment, that noise and handle the football team the way he handled it, I thought was impressive. We had no huddle issues, had no problems getting in and out and getting the game plan run. I think we had one false start the whole game, which I was very impressed with in the environment we were in. He did a lot of really good things. He did a lot of things he has to go improve upon for us to be successful. So we have to go fix those things but for the first time out, for the position he was in, I thought he did very well.”

Schaub, in his seventh year with the Texans, has been criticized often in 2013. He’s thrown nine interceptions; four of which were returned for touchdowns. Keenum beat out backup quarterback T.J. Yates for the start on Sunday.

“That’s a difficult call either way from that standpoint,” Kubiak said about the decision on who to start after the bye. “I’m gonna look at it. Matt’s back moving around a little bit today. We’ve got a bye week here, we’ve got a couple days to evaluate our football team and see where we’re at. And I’ll do what I think is best for the team.”