Kubiak feels Texans will react quickly to loss

Kubiak feels Texans will react quickly to loss
December 11, 2012, 8:45 pm
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Texans look to rebound from ugly loss

Everyone has had some time to let Monday night's loss sink in, including Gary Kubiak. 

The best part of the loss is that it happened on Monday. The Texans now have a short week to force them to forget and to prepare for the Colts, Houston's first home game since Nov. 18. A win over Indianapolis would clinch the AFC South for the Texans, so there is no time to sulk about the Patriots game. What needs to be done now is make the correct adjustments to move on.

“Yeah, we’ve got to," Kubiak said about having to now make corrections. "We’ve got to play better than we’ve played. We did move the ball last night in the first half very well. We had 180 yards of offense and had no points to show for it. I think we penetrated to the 21, the 33, the 38. You have to get something out of those plays. My biggest disappointment right now offensively is our inability to stay on the field on third down. To make some tough plays, and that’s what you have to do in this business. You have to step up and make those plays, regardless of whether it’s a catch, a throw, a run, whatever it is, to stay out there. Like I said, we were unable to do that last night.”

Matt Schaub said last week that he thought the Texans could improve their play on third down. If they can, they most certainly will be able to put teams away easier with the offense staying on the field and allowing a defense that has the ability to shut teams down rest and shine when their time is called. The defense didn't have their best game Monday night though and Kubiak feels that in a short week like this one you need to evaluate every aspect of your team.

“I’m concerned about a lot of things," Kubiak said. "But it’s part of the situation that we’re in. There are things you have to fight through. Our football team is in a very good situation. We’re playing at home this week for an opportunity to win a division title. That’s a darn good thing. We’ve got issues. We’ve got to stop people better. We’ve got to move the ball better. We’ve got to get rid of penalties on special teams. It’s always going to be something. That’s football. But we know the things that we’ve got to clean up to get more consistent in our play and we definitely weren’t going to get away with the team we were playing last night.”

The Texans didn't get away with anything Monday night. It showed when J.J. Watt made a tremendous hustle play to force a fumble down field that only resulted in a touchdown for the Patriots when Brandon Lloyd stood alone in the end zone and fell on the loose ball for the score. But the Texans have shown they can learn from a loss and react quickly.  After their Week Six loss to the Packers, Houston came in the next week and mowed down the Ravens by 30. Kubiak thinks this team has the makeup to turn it around once again in just a week.

“Yeah, I do. It’s part of this business," Kubiak said. "Fortunately, I should say we’ve only had this trouble twice this year, where we’ve had to turn around and go back after getting beat. That’s a good thing. That’s part of this league. When you’re doing things good, not to listen to people, and keep working and trying to be consistent in what you’re doing. When things don’t go very good, let them go and move onto the next week. Along with that we’ve got other challenges, too, going on with our football team that we’ve got to fight through. But we’ve got a great opportunity ahead of us and we need to stay focused on that.”

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