Kubiak and Phillips talk RG3 and Andrew Luck

Kubiak and Phillips talk RG3 and Andrew Luck
December 13, 2012, 11:30 pm
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Kubiak and Phillips on rookie QBs

This year we are seeing several rookie quarterbacks thriving in their first season in the NFL. Russell Wilson, Robert Griffin III and Andrew Luck are all standouts. 

Griffin has thrown just four interceptions and is tied with Tom Brady for the highest quarterback rating in the league. After Cam Newton went crazy last season and with this year's group of rookie signal callers doing so well, why has it apparently become easier to start right out of the gate at quarterback?

"I don’t know," Gary Kubiak said. "I just think nowadays I don’t think teams have the luxury of knowing you’re going to have a guy for 10 or 12 years. A guy signs his initial contract you get to year four and then you’re having to make decisions on a guy. Are they here for the long haul? I think the process has just changed so much so with that new process taking that guy, putting him on the field right away and finding out if he can carry a franchise has become very important. You’ve seen some of these guys do it. I just think times have changed from that standpoint.”

“We’ve seen them all along, but we haven’t had the dramatic players that we’ve had this year," Wade Phillips said. "There’s been a lot of early first round picks that are quote ‘busts,’ because they played early and didn’t play well. These guys, not only these two, but (Ryan) Tannehill, quite a few of them are playing really well.”

Kubiak was along side of John Elway when he became the starter of the Broncos right out of Stanford and remembers it wasn't so easy for Elway.

"Of course I was with John and John started from the get-go," Kubiak said. "It was a hard go there, early. I remember that part" … “I think it all depends on the situation. I watched John get thrown in the fire. I watched how hard it was. Was it the best thing for him? Yeah, I think it was amazing because of his career when I look back at what he had to go through."

 Luck hasn't had the early struggles that Elway had, he's take the Colts from a two win team last season to 9-4 and a chance at the playoffs.  He's already passed Payton Manning's Colts rookie record for passing yards in a season.

"I think some guys get thrown into the fire on teams that aren’t very good and they never come out of it," Kubiak said. "I think it kind of all depends. These guys that have been thrown there this year they’re off to a hell of a start. They got a lot of snaps under their belt. They got a lot of confidence. A lot of guys are in playoff contention from a young standpoint. Those guys should be there doing it a long time.”

"Andrew Luck – those two quarterbacks, everybody said those were the top two guys in the draft and they obviously are," Phillips said of Luck and Griffin. "He’s (Andrew Luck) brought a team that didn’t win any games last year, basically without a quarterback, brought in a quarterback, a young quarterback, and they’re right in the playoff hunt. We played against (Peyton) Manning when I was at Buffalo his first year and I think they only won two games. This guy has made the team win a lot of games. Six times he’s brought them from behind at the end of the game. I can’t say enough about how good of a quarterback he is and how good of a future he has.”

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