Kubiak’s job in jeopardy after latest loss?

Kubiak’s job in jeopardy after latest loss?
November 24, 2013, 6:45 pm
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What do Texans players think about Kubiak's future?

High expectations paired with poor results is the perfect recipe to get a coach fired.

So far, Gary Kubiak is still the head coach of the Texans (2-9) but that fact becomes clouded in doubt more and more as the weeks and losses add up.

After the Texans’ 13-6 loss to the Jaguars, their ninth in a row, Kubiak said he doesn’t worry about his own job security.

“My answer will never change when you all ask me that,” he said.

But things are looking hazy and even his players realize that but at least some don’t want to see him go.

“I mean, I hope not,” left tackle Duane Brown said. “It's not something I think about. He's a heckuva coach, man. It's not on him to win games. It's on us to go out there and win games. I try not to think about it but I hope he doesn't.”

Kubiak has been their head coach since 2006. After two straight division titles, the Texans have the worst record in the NFL through 11 games in 2013.

“I’m big on feelings – on feelings and a vibe-type of person, and I really don’t have that vibe. I haven’t got that vibe for Mr. McNair or Kubs,” defensive end Antonio Smith said. “I think that this year has taken a toll on a lot of folks – Kubs especially. I don’t sense it from him. But I do sense a big disappointment from him, but not a ‘this is the end, my job is over’ type of thing. He’s really trying to figure out what can be done.”

With the Texans’ loss on Sunday, Kubiak’s record as head coach of the Texans is 61-62. He’s the second coach in franchise history.

“That’s the nature of this business,” Andre Johnson said about coaches feeling heat. “When you don’t go out and produce, as players, as coaches, then changes have to be made. That’s just the nature of the business. I’ve seen everybody come and go out of this locker room so I’ve seen it happen and everybody have their day.”

“I can’t worry about his job security,” running back Ben Tate said. “Right now, I have to focus on doing my job. If I do my job and we start getting some (wins) than that won’t be an issue.”