Johnson: 'Sad to see' Kubiak fired

Johnson: 'Sad to see' Kubiak fired
December 10, 2013, 3:00 pm
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Johnson on Kubiak: 'It's sad to see'

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CSNHouston Staff

Andre Johnson was in Houston when Gary Kubiak arrived as head coach and he's still here after Kubiak is gone.

On Monday, Johnson didn't speak with the media in the locker room but his teammates took blame for Kubiak's firing. On Tuesday, the longest-tenured athlete in the city was asked his head coach getting fired.

"I mean, it's sad to see," Johnson said at his charity event on Tuesday. "It's something that you don't want to see. The thing about the game of football is it takes a lot of people to be successful and all of us play a part in it. And the thing about being a head coach is that he gets a bulk of the criticism and this year just hasn't been a great year for us and with that happening, changes have to be made.

"And you hate to see it happen to him because he's such a great person. I think he's a great coach. I had a chance to talk to him. I talked to him through text the day after it happened. It's just something you don't like to see. You hate to see anybody get fired."

Defensive coordinator Wade Phillips will be the team's interim coach for the remaining three games. Phillips, 66, has been a head coach and an interim head coach before. Monday was his first day in charge this time around.

"I think Wade has experience at being a head coach," Johnson said. "He's an energetic coach. He wants guys to be loose and just go out and have fun. That was something he stressed to us yesterday and I think he'll come in and do a great job for us."

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