Johnson knows what Reed brings to Texans

Johnson knows what Reed brings to Texans
March 21, 2013, 9:45 am
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Johnson has a strong bond with Reed

Andre Johnson gained a former teammate and friend, as the Texans gained a distinct voice and leader. 

The Texans acquired future Hall of Famer Ed Reed Thursday. And in doing so they brought in his nine Pro Bowls, eight All-Pro nods and his NFL Defensive Player of the Year award from 2004.

If you think that at 34 Reed is too old you might be mistaken. Reed finished with more tackles than he did in his previous five seasons and once again was selected to the Pro Bowl.

"If you look at him you would just think he's an old guy," said former college teammate Andre Johnson. "He just has an old way about him. You look at him play on the field and you just wonder how does he do it? What does he see?"

What the Texans are gaining the most with Reed is his mentality. His preparation. His knowledge. His leadership. 

"He just talks about how he has guys over to his house during the week," Johnson said of Reed. "He'll go over the film and tell guys what to look for. 

"How he meets with the coaches on Tuesdays to try to get the game plan and see what they are doing as a defense. He's very dedicated to his craft and that's why he's so successful."

Johnson and Reed developed a close friendship from their time at the University of Miami together where they won a National Championship in 2001. During Reed's two seasons at Miami he lost just one game and was voted a Consensus All-American in both 2000 and 2001. 

Johnson remembers the confidence that Reed took to the field and also brought to the program at Miami.

"When I first got there he wasn't as vocal as he was," Johnson said of Reed in college. "It took a year and then he became the more vocal guy. He became just a leader. He did all the speeches. He had everybody ready to play."

That's what the Texans are hoping Reed can do for the Texans. Perhaps bring a bit more swagger. Bring a confidence that Reed has had since Johnson's and his days at the "U".

"I remember one day we were in school," Johnson recalled. "It was in the offseason and we were doing seven-on-seven on Saturdays going into that year we won the National Championship. 

"We were just standing there talking and he was like, "Bro we gonna win it." I was like, "You really feel that strongly about it?" And he was like, "Trust me, we're going to get it done." We went out and won the National Championship that year."

That's what you get with Ed Reed. That's what the Texans want. And who knows, maybe Johnson and Reed will have that very same conversation on the practice field during training camp in August. Except this time they'll be talking about a Super Bowl.

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