Johnson gives up $1 million for skipping workouts

Johnson gives up $1 million for skipping workouts
June 16, 2014, 4:00 pm
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Turns out Andre Johnson is a man of his word. 

Johnson said back in early May that he was going to skip offseason workouts and publicly questioned whether he should remain with the Texans organization. As it turns out, even a $1 million bonus wasn't enough to sway Johnson back to NRG Stadium for workouts. 

The first mandatory mini-camp starts this week and Johnson is not expected to attend. Missing those workouts could cost him a total of $69,455 in fines from the Texans, but that's chump change compared to what he's already given up. Skipping the workouts he's already missed have cost the Texans' all-time leading receiver a $1 million bonus. Typically roster bonuses are tied to the first week of the regular season and given out over the course of the season. In Johnson's case, the bonus was tied to offseason workouts, usually a percentage of the workouts that he would attend. The workouts that he's missed to this date have made attaining that bonus impossible. 

Johnson's dissatisfaction with the team's current situation was made plain in the days after the draft. He expressed frustration at the prospect of going through a third rebuilding phase of the franchise and questioned whether he wanted to continue on with the franchise.

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