Jackson practices, optimistic about Sunday

Jackson practices, optimistic about Sunday
November 28, 2013, 11:45 am
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Kareem Jackson updates his injury status

(USA Today Sports Images)

Kareem Jackson has missed the last two weeks with a fracture in his first rib but has a very good chance of playing on Sunday against the Patriots.  

“Kareem was better today, looked better than yesterday,” head coach Gary Kubiak said, “so I think we're heading toward Kareem having a good opportunity to play."

Jackson got hurt on a play in the first half against the Cardinals and hasn’t played since. Brice McCain made two starts. Jackson was able to practice for the first time since the injury this week.

“I’ll just wait to Sunday and see how it feels,” Jackson said. “There’s definitely a good possibility I’ll be out there.”

The biggest question mark surrounding Jackson’s return will be his ability to hit and tackle. Those things he won’t know until he tries. He’s still experiencing some pain doing everyday activities like sleeping and sneezing and said there’s some pain during practice.

If he plays, he knows there will be some pain but he’s willing to play through it.

“Yeah, because I’m having pains and stuff practicing but just a little bit though,” Jackson said. “Nothing that’ll keep me from finishing practice and being out there with my team. My main thing, I sat out two weeks, I definitely want to be back out there with my team, fighting to finish off the season on a positive note.”

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