Frustrations boil over after loss to Raiders

Frustrations boil over after loss to Raiders
November 17, 2013, 6:45 pm
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Schaub on Johnson exchange: 'It's just emotions'

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The pass fell incomplete, then the real action started.

After Matt Schaub and Andre Johnson failed to connect on fourth down – the Texans’ final offensive play of the game – the two got into a heated exchange on the field. Then, they yelled at each other more on the sideline. Johnson walked away and left the sideline early in the loss.

“We just exchanged some words,” said Johnson, who accepted blame for the missed play. “It's just heat of the moment. Once we came in the locker room we talked about it, left it alone so I'm not worried about that. Me and Matt have played a lot of football together.”

Johnson took blame for the pass falling incomplete, saying he didn’t finish.

“It’s just emotions, emotions of the game, a culmination of a lot of things but stuff we will keep between us,” Schaub said. “He’s a great guy and a great competitor as am I. Just the heat of the moment but that is behind us.”

Head coach Gary Kubiak saw Schaub and Johnson go at it but chalked it up to frustration and said he didn’t mind seeing it. Players didn’t seem to mind either.

“You’re in the heat of the moment,” Ben Tate said. “They both want to win the game. I would have had a problem if neither one of them didn’t say anything to each other. To me, that would feel like they didn’t care, but they both wanted to win the game and I feel like it’s OK as long as they hash it out when everything settles down.”

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