Foster says Houston is Andre Johnson's city

Foster says Houston is Andre Johnson's city
July 15, 2014, 10:30 pm
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Arian Foster told Andre Johnson that this Texans team can win in 2014 according to KPRC Local 2 Sports in Houston.

“I texted him and I told him,” Foster told KPRC at his brother’s training facility Nine Innovations. “Before 2011 I promised him we were going to make the playoffs that year. That's between me and him then. I didn't say it then. I told him I wanted to get back to that spot. I didn’t promise him anything this year, but I told him I want to get back to that spot and I’m doing everything in my power to get back to that spot.”

Johnson has been open about whether Houston is the place for him to play football in 2014. He’s also missed out on a one million dollar workout bonus this offseason since he has decided not to attend any of the Texans offseason workouts, including mandatory mini camp.

Johnson was the third overall pick in 2003 and is the greatest receiver in franchise history. The seven-time Pro Bowler is a fan favorite and is entering his 12th NFL season with the Texans.

“He is Houston,” Foster said. “I remember when I had my little run where I had back-to-back like great seasons and I felt like this city loves me, they love me here. Everywhere I go this is still Dre’s city. I don’t care if James Harden is walking around or Dwight Howard or whatever. This is Andre’s city.”

Foster does understand what his teammate is doing. NFL Network reported Johnson has asked to play elsewhere.

“But I understand where he’s coming from. I really do,” Foster said Tuesday. “This is a business and people forget this is a business and he’s at a point in his career where he doesn’t want money now. He wants to go win.”

On Tuesday, Foster talked at length about leadership and how different it is at the NFL level compared to college and the high school ranks. Foster said it’s less about song and dance and pepping up a locker room and more about actions and communicating. Johnson fits the the style Foster is talking about.

“Just as a leadership standpoint, Dre doesn’t talk, but just having him there, he’s one of the GOATS man, he’s one of the best receivers to ever lace up his cleats,” Foster said.

We’ll find out if Johnson will be there come July 26th, when the Texans start training camp. If Johnson isn’t there, he’ll be fined $30,000 dollars a day.

“I would love to have him here, but ultimately that’s one of my friends outside of the field. I want him to do what’s best for him,” Foster said. “If he doesn’t feel like playing any more and wants to hang them up, I’m going to support him 100 percent. If he wants to come back and help us win, I’m all for that as well.”

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