Foster not slowing down anytime soon

Foster not slowing down anytime soon
February 8, 2013, 2:00 pm
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Since becoming an every down back in 2010 Arian Foster has been an elite back. One stat alone shows the dominance of Foster since becoming a starter. Since 2010 no player in the league has more 100 yard rushing games (22). Not even Adrian Peterson (18).

Since 2010 no player in the league has more touchdowns from scrimmage (47). Not even Rob Gronkowski (39). By those numbers it shows Foster is arguably the most productive player in the NFL. Here are some more numbers from Foster’s third straight Pro Bowl season.

93.3 – Foster averaged an AFC best 93.9 rushing yards on the road in 2012. Foster went over 100 yards in five road games this past season.

210 – When the Texans entered the redzone Arian Foster was at his best, rushing for a league leading 210 yards inside the 20. Foster finished the season carrying the ball 74 times for 210 yards and 15 touchdowns in the redzone in 2012.

110.1 – Since 2010 Foster is averaging 110.1 yards per game on the ground against the AFC South. Foster has also scored 16 touchdowns against AFC South opponents in his 16 games during that span.

131.9 – In his career Arian Foster is averaging 131.9 yards from scrimmage at Reliant Stadium.

1,177 – Arian Foster has touched the ball 1,177 times in his career and has fumbled the football just 13 times.

50/51 – Foster has 50 touchdowns in 51 career games and has only started 42 games in his career.

Many think that since Foster led the NFL in carries this season and the Texans rely so heavily on the run, Foster is getting over worked and is going to break down sooner rather than later. That just might not be the case.

“Arian Foster's 26 years old, he didn't play a lot in college, he was hurt in college or he was on the bench,” John McClain of the Houston Chronicle told me. “So it wasn't like he carried 40 times a game at Tennessee.

“He came here and he didn't play until the end of his rookie year, so he hasn't been too beaten up. He’s a good running back who stays in shape and knows how to go down and go out of bounce. You'll see Arian a lot of times he'll go down and try to crawl or dive for a couple of extra yards. How many really hard shots have you seen him take head on? I can't remember one. He knows how to protect his body, and that's interesting because he's 229 pounds, but he works out with his brother religiously and he takes great care of himself.”