Eight intriguing Texans draft facts

Eight intriguing Texans draft facts
January 25, 2013, 5:15 pm
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The Houston Texans have the 27th overall pick in the 2013 NFL draft. Who do the Texans take? They have a need for a wide receiver and could select one with that pick. Andre Johnson (3rd overall, 2003) is the only receiver the Texans have ever taken in the first round in the history of their franchise. Outside of Johnson, quarterback David Carr, the first overall pick in the 2002 draft, is the only other offensive skill position player ever taken by the Texans in the first round.

With all that being said, for fun lets take a look at the history of the Texans picks.

  • Four of the 12 first-round picks the Texans have had have become Pro Bowlers. Andre Johnson, Jason Babin (27th, 2004), Mario Williams (first, 2006), Brian Cushing (15th, 2009).

  • The Texans have taken more cornerbacks (11) than any other position in the draft. They’ve taken 10 linebackers, nine safeties and nine wide receivers since 2002.

  • The Texans have never taken a running back, fullback, tight end, offensive guard, center, safety, kicker or punter in the first round.

  • More players from Virginia Tech and Miami (four) have been taken by the Texans than from any other college.

  • Within the state of Texas, Houston has selected three players from Texas, two players from Rice and Texas A&M and one player from Texas Tech.

  •  Jerome Mathis was the 114th overall pick and is the lowest selected Pro Bowler to ever play for the Texans.

  • The Texans have taken more defensive ends (three) in the first round than any other position. J.J. Watt (11th, 2011), Mario Williams (1st, 2006), Jason Babin (27th, 2004).

  • The Texans have selected as many players from Colorado State as they have from NFL factories Florida State, Michigan, Ohio State and Notre Dame.

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