Despite record, Texans see last game's importance

Despite record, Texans see last game's importance
December 27, 2013, 2:00 pm
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Texans looking to end season with a win

(Kevin Jairaj - USA Today Sports Images)

Even with a 2-13 record, there's plenty for the Houston Texans to play for.

If the Texans lose, they clinch the number-one overall pick in the upcoming NFL Draft. If they win and the Redskins lose, the Rams would have that pick since they own the Redskins' pick and Washington would win the tiebreaker over Houston due to a lower strength of schedule. However, the draft was not the topic du jour in the Texans' locker room on Friday.

"It's a big game," Wade Phillips said. "I mean, we need to change what's happened. You can't change the whole season, but you can change one game. And that'd be important to our team."

That sentiment was echoed by the players.

"I think the biggest thing is just ending this streak of losing games," Andre Johnson said. "You don't want to go into the offseason with something like that.

"It bothers you," he continued. "I think just the way the season has went, period, has been frustrating for evreybody. It's no fun. It's not something you look forward to."

"Things won't be a winning record, we understand that," DeAndre Hopkins said. "But just (by) getting a win going into the offseason, you carry a chip on your shoulder almost. You're not the laughingstock of the NFL. You beat good teams. You competed with great teams, going down to the wire. It'd mean a lot, going in there to get this win."

There's uncertainty on the coaching side as well. Will Phillips stay on past his interim status?

"Jeff Fisher was what, 1-5 here, when they made him the coach here?" Phillips said. "There's precedent for an interim coach being the head coach next year.

"As far as I know, the team has not put out who they've talked to, so I'll just leave it at that."

So while the Texans won't be achieving what playoff goals were set before the season, this last game represents pride. It represents how the team's coaches and players feel about themselves heading into an uncertain offseason.

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