Crennel raves about Watt in 1st interview

Crennel raves about Watt in 1st interview
January 20, 2014, 4:00 pm
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One of the major concerns some Texans fans have with the addition of new defensive coordinator Romeo Crennel, is the role J.J. Watt will play in the defense.

Crennel, who agreed to a deal on Monday, has traditionally run a two-gap 3-4 defense. In that defense, defensive ends aren't known for pass rushing. And Watt is one of the best pass rushers in the NFL.

On Monday in Alabama, CSN's James Palmer caught up with Crennel at the Senior Bowl and asked him about Watt.

"Well, J.J. Watt, if we had 10 more like him, we'd be pretty good, you know," Crennel said. "But he has a motor, he's got good ability, got good range, so those type of things are important. And I think he sets an example for other members of the team as well. But I think the important thing is that we want to be a team, complimentary. The defense helps the offense, the offense helps the defense, helps special teams, then overall, I think that's how you make it happen."

But is Watt the kind of player Crennel will cater the defense to in order utilize Watt's strengths?

"No. We're going to try to make the (Texans) as successful as we can because whatever my schemes are, if we lose, then the Texans are not going to be successful," Crennel said. "We're only successful if the Texans win, so we're going to try to do what's best for the Texans."

Crennel was asked if there was any other player he is particularly excited to work with. He said he's excited to meet his new players so he can learn their strengths and weaknesses.