Combine: Breaking down the Wide Receivers

Combine: Breaking down the Wide Receivers
February 22, 2013, 8:15 pm
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Combine: Texans interested in Tyler Eifert?

INDIANAPOLIS -- The Combine has no shortage of confident players. No position is equipped with more such individuals than wide receiver.

Let's get into who the Texans could select in the first round with the 27th pick.

Tavon Austin (West Virginia): People question his size and strength - and he's at the combine to prove isn't an issue.

"It definitely shouldn’t be a problem," Austin said about his small stature (he's 5-9). "I haven’t gotten hurt or missed a game in eight years. My durability’s pretty good."

In terms of strength, Austin said he plans on benching some where around 15 reps. Austin also called himself the best overall athlete in the combine. Austin said he'll be disappointed if he runs anything over 4.3 in the 40.

Terrence Williams (Baylor):
Williams was asked repeatedly about route running. He has been solely a down-the-field threat who runs straight. Williams first stated that he knew he was faster than the defensive backs he was playing against so why not just run past them.

Williams had an extensive interview with the Texans already here in Indianapolis and said that the team wanted to see if he could make adjustments. Williams said that when the time comes he is able to show off his route running abilities. It appears that Williams may have had the most in-depth interview of any wide receiver candidate that I talked to.

Robert Woods (USC):
Woods isn't as fast as Austin and isn't as big as Terrence Williams. But he might be the most complete receiver in the draft.

"My speed, my route-running ability, and just my knowledge of the game," Woods said about what he brings to the table. "I feel like if I know the playbook early and study, I can come in right away and make an impact."

The Texans need someone to make an impact in their first season with the team. Woods said three other aspects of his game can make him a playmaker in year one.

"My quickness to get in and out of my breaks at the top of my routes," Woods said. "My hands, I would say, are a strength, looking the ball in. I caught a lot of passes, so that helps me as well. And my third strength, I guess, track background, with the speed and the quickness into my breaks. That allows me to stop on a dime, and I think that helps me as well."

Woods told me that he is scheduled to meet with the Texans later this week.

Tyler Eifert (Notre Dame): It sounds crazy but the Texans could select Eifert with their first pick. They already had a lengthy meeting with Eifert here in Indianapolis.

"It went well," Eifert said of his meeting with the Texans. "Their main thing was can I block? Was I willing? I just try to reiterate I understand that's a concern for most teams and it's something I've been working and that I've the want to do it. I don't want to just be labeled as a pass-catching tight end.

"I want to make the improvements and get better at that."

Eifert said that Owen Daniels is a complete tight end and likes that the Texans ask him to do a lot in the run game as well.

Justin Hunter (Tennessee):
Hunter can definitely stretch the field. His high school coaches used to say he runs like a gazelle. Some say that's all he does is go deep. Hunter wants to be known as a complete receiver.

"I don't want to be just that," Hunter said when I asked him about being just a deep ball threat. "I want to be more than that. I want to be a complete receiver, so I can run short routes,take the big hit when I need to, going across the middle. I just want to be the best receiver."

Hunter can fly and wants to run a time in the 4.3's. He has been clocked this offseason at 3.5. Hunter tore his ACL two seasons ago but says he's actually stronger now.

"I feel perfect about my leg," Hunter said. "I haven't even hurt my leg, really. I know it's stronger now.

"I can run faster, I'm jumping higher."

It's no surprise that teams have concerns about his knee.

"A lot," Hunter said about how much he's been asked about his knee. "Went into the meetings today, and they tugged on my knee a lot. And everybody said the same thing: They said it's great."