Colts' Wayne thought about coming to Texans

Colts' Wayne thought about coming to Texans
December 27, 2012, 7:00 pm
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Ken Dorsey is the only quarterback that knows what it's like to throw to both Reggie Wayne and Andre Johnson in the same game.

The three were teammates in 2000 at the University of Miami. Matt Schaub apparently had a chance to be the second signal caller to have that luxury this past offseason. Wayne would have been a nice addition to an offense that is struggling to stay of the field on third down lately.

“Yeah, it’s kind of crazy. Here was one of the places that he actually wanted to come," Johnson said. "I was hoping that I would get a chance to be able to play with him again, but unfortunately it didn’t work out that way."

Wayne was shopping himself around the league this past offseason before resigning with the Colts.

"I think he made the right decision with staying in Indy," Johnson added. "That’s where he started his career. He’s had a great career there. Then Coach (Chuck) Pagano I think that had a lot to do with it because we’re both familiar with Coach Pagano back at Miami. I think that played a big part in it. I’m just happy he’s out there playing at a high level even though he’s been in the league for 12 seasons. It’s good to see him out there doing what he’s doing.”

Pagano hasn't just had an affect on Wayne, but Johnson as well. Johnson was recruited by Pagano while in high school when Pagano was an assistant at Miami and Johnson has closely followed his former coach's struggles with leukemia and his to be return to the field Sunday in Indianapolis.

 “It’s great. It’s a great feeling seeing him," Johnson said. "I watched the press conference. You can tell that was a tough time. I talked to Reggie a lot, just asking Reggie how he was doing and stuff like that because I spent a lot of time around him when I was in high school because he recruited me to the University of Miami. He was almost like he was a part of our family as much as he was around. It was great to see him back out. I’m pretty sure there will be a lot of emotion and stuff going on. It was hard for me to hear what he was going through, but I’m glad he was able to fight through it. Now he’s back on the sideline doing what he loves to do.”

Long before Pagano's diagnosis Wayne and Johnson talked regularly and have since college. They talk football, but a lot of the time they talk the same as any friends would.

“Yeah, we talk a lot. He’s older than me. I always tell him," Johnson joked. "I always look up to him like a big brother. Him and Santana (Moss) played big parts and I always tell them they played a big part for me to be where I am as a player. They were like my mentors in college. We talk a lot during the season. The crazy thing about it is that the only time we really talk about football is when we get mad. Like he gets mad at our coaches and I get mad at their coaches for not getting him the ball. That’s pretty much what our conversations will be about. We’re great friends off the field.”

“Probably too much, we’re pretty close," Wayne said laughing after being how much him and Johnson talk. "That’s what most of the guys from the University of Miami do, especially at the same position. You have a lot in common. We actually, like you said, we played together. We were coached under the same receiver coach so we see each other a lot in the offseason. It makes it even more exciting that we’re so close and he’s out there having the type of year he’s having.”

“Every time you go up to another level, the game changes," Johnson said. "The game gets faster. They’re new things that you have to learn. He was just a guy that took me under his wing. He just tried to help me anyway he can, any questions I had. He took me under his wing and taught me. That’s pretty much it.”