Bullock’s misses prove vital in loss

Bullock’s misses prove vital in loss
November 4, 2013, 1:45 am
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The Texans lost to the Colts by three points on Sunday night.

Randy Bullock missed three field goals. The last was a 55-yarder as time expired that would have sent the game to overtime.

“It felt (good),” Bullock said of the last-second attempt. “It wasn’t on target but it had plenty of leg on it. What can you do?”

After a rough start to the beginning of his season, Bullock began to find a rhythm recently, making 11 of his last 12 attempts heading into Sunday night’s game.

But on Sunday, he missed a 43-yarder, a 49-yarder and the 55-yarder at the end of the game.

“I thought we had a pretty good pregame,” said veteran punter and Bullock’s holder Shane Lechler. “We definitely had a pretty good two weeks of work. He just had a rough go today. He’ll be better. It’ll take a little time.”

Bullock was drafted last year but missed the entire season because of injury. He was and has been the only kicker on the roster in 2013. The Aggie said this season is the first time he’s ever experienced struggles like this. And it’s happened twice now.

I know he’s probably feeling like crap but the only thing you can do is just, when you get your opportunities to try to do the best you can with them,” veteran receiver Andre Johnson said.

He made one of four attempts on Sunday. He has made 13 of his 21 attempts this season.

Bullock is the first player since 1985 to have a field goal percentage under 62 percent with at least 20 attempts through eight games.

“I had a lot of guys come by and tell me to keep my head up,” Bullock said. “They have confidence in me. It was a bad outing but I can put it behind me and move forward.”

Lechler is one of those players who have expressed confidence in the young kicker. But Lechler, who might end up being the first punter in the Hall of Fame, was unhappy with one of his plays on Sunday night. He hit a 19-yard punt in a key moment of the game that gave the Colts favorable field position.

“Hell, I hit a sh-- punt right there at the end of the game,” Lechler said. “I feel like I cost us the game just as much as he did. If I hit a normal ball like I’m supposed to there, they have to go at least 85.”

But Bullock’s mistakes were more glaring. They represented nine points in a three-point loss.

“My hat’s off to him. He’s got guts,” Lechler said. “He’ll be alright.”