Brady says Patriots offense can be better against Texans

Brady says Patriots offense can be better against Texans
January 11, 2013, 10:45 am
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Brady: 'We could have done better'

It’s hard to think that there would have been much more Tom Brady could have done against the Texans when New England played Houston in December, but the Patriots quarterback is looking for better results.

“I think there are things that we can do better and things we didn’t do well and I'm sure they feel the same way,” Brady said Wednesday. “I know the score looked like it was a certain way, but there were certain plays that we could have done a better job on and hopefully we can do a better job of this week. They're going to give us [their] best game and were going to try to give them our best game.”

If there’s a better game Brady can throw at the Texans, they probably don’t want to see it. Brady threw for 296 yards and four touchdowns against no interceptions when the two teams met in early December.

Even though the Patriots beat Houston 42-14 in that game, Brady knows there’s plenty to be concerned about with the Texans defense.

“They’ve got a great front, some very experienced players at linebacker, a very athletic secondary,” Brady said. “You saw what they did last week playing at home against Cincinnati there in the first half was pretty impressive. There are a lot of challenges for us, certainly from my standpoint. We just tried to have a good day of practice yesterday and get off to a good start and try to string a bunch of those together.”

New England had an extra week to get ready for the game, having earned a bye through the wildcard round of the playoffs. They spent that time worrying less about which opponent the Patriots might face and concentrated on being ready for whichever team would earn the right to play them.

“I think it was a week for us to really identify the things that we need to do better and to put a lot of work in on those things,” Brady said. “I think we spent extensive amounts of time on all the situational football and tried to understand why we did things well over the course of the year and things that we need to do better. I think it was more about improvement than anything else.”

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