Antonio Smith breaks down Dobbins' absence

Antonio Smith breaks down Dobbins' absence
June 6, 2013, 4:00 pm
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Antonio Smith on Tim Dobbins' absence at OTAs

Texans' OTAs have come and gone, and there was never a Tim Dobbins sighting.

Dobbins’ agent told 610 David Canter told Mad Radio on 610 AM in Houston that Dobbins is currently working as the general contractor on his house in Nashville. 

“I knew he had a project going on with constructing his house,” Texans defensive end Antonio Smith said Thursday. “But you know, sometimes people don’t understand and think we’re just football players. I understand we all got to make sacrifices, but he’s basically making sacrifices for his family I guess. I can’t blame him for that. I know Dobbins is going to come and play like Dobbins do, I can tell you that. I have no doubt in my mind about that.”

Smith was asked about how he feels about Dobbins missing the team’s OTAs.

“It’s not mandatory,” Smith said. “It’s voluntary and he’s willing to put up with the consequences, he’s a grown man. We all are grown men.”

Smith is heading into his ninth NFL season and seen a lot of football. He’s also seen what’s happened to players who have opted to miss team activities.

“I’ve seen a lot of consequences over my time,” Smith said. “Loss of job, demotion, I’ve seen a lot of it. I don’t know what it is, I can’t read the upstairs mind or Kub’s (Gary Kubiak) mind.

“I’ve seen it all happen. I’ve seen some guys that have got cut for not coming to OTAs. I’ve seen some guys lose their job when they got some young guys coming up behind them because they didn’t obey during OTAs. But I think Dobbins is going to be alright.”

It appears that Smith doesn’t think any of the above actually pertains to Dobbins and his situation.

“One thing that I do know, is the one day that he did come, he came in shape,” Smith said of the few days that Dobbins did attend when the team was working out prior to the start of OTAs.

“He was in front of every line, he outran most of the linebackers he was running with. That tells you that he’s been the man; he’s been staying in shape. When he comes into training camp he’s going to be in shape and he’s going to be ready.”