Take this simple six question test to see if a Comcast SportsNet Internship is right for you!

Do you love Sports? 
Answer: Must be "I LOVE SPORTS!" 

Would you like to learn about broadcasting? 
Answer: Must be "yes."

Can you obtain college credit for working here from your university or college?
Answer: "Yes."

Are you willing to work without financial compensation? 
Answer: "Yes."

Do you know everything about Sports Broadcasting already? 
Answer: If you say "yes," stop taking this test and go get professional counseling. 

Are you capable of asking lots of questions, working hard and making connections that may help you find a real job out of college? 
Answer: "Yes," "Yes" and "YES!".

Do you think you'll find a job on the air, in marketing, doing web design, or in advertising right out of college?
Answer: Maybe you will if you're a great intern here. 

If you passed the test, click here to send your resume. Specify Summer or Fall preference. 

P.S. Yes, it was actually seven questions. If you noticed that give yourself extra credit. 

Hey - you're a college student, right?  Come on - you got time to watch some TV... Click here to see what's on Comcast SportsNet.