Same fan catches Carter's two home runs

Same fan catches Carter's two home runs
August 12, 2014, 11:45 pm
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(CSN Houston)

Chris Carter hit two home runs on Tuesday night. They were caught by the same fan.

The lucky fan, Tim Pinkard, was seated out in the Crawford Boxes. To make the story even more unbelievable, Pinkard was visiting from out of town and this was his first ever Astros game. Before Carter's home runs, he had never before caught a foul ball or a home run ball.

"I'm sitting in the right spot tonight," he said. "I caught one off the Lexus sign above. It landed right in my hands. The second one was a line drive, more right at me, so pretty exciting.

"I'll probably give them to my kids. This is great. This is a great park. Obviously, I love the park now."

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