Jerome Williams emotional after DFA

Jerome Williams emotional after DFA
July 1, 2014, 12:15 am
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(Troy Taormina - USA Today Sports Images)

Jerome Williams told reporters after the Astros' 10-4 loss on Monday that he has been designated for assignment.

The veteran reliever spoke to the media as he was cleaning out his locker.

"I wasn't doing my job and that's how baseball is," Williams said. "You can't do nothing about it, you know? You just have to move on. I had an opportunity to be here and try to do my job and obviously, it wasn't working."

Williams gave up two runs in the ninth inning on Monday. This comes off the heels of Saturday's performance where he gave up Ian Kinsler's game-winning three-run home run. His season ERA was 6.04 and he had given up runs in nine of his last 12 relief appearances.

"Most of the time, when I was out there, I was battling and doing my best," Williams said. "Maybe not lucky, a couple of pitches here and there, it's a battle every day. That's why we come back to the field the next day and work on it and I've been doing that a lot. Hopefully, I can just look at this, take this experience, and move on."

Williams' journey around baseball has taken him around the world over the years, with stops in Mexico, Puerto Rico, Venezula, and Taiwan. He came back to the big leagues in 2011 after being away from the majors since 2007.

"I've been doing it for the last three years," Williams said, choking up as he reflected. "The road that I went through, I don't think nobody would try and come back. Sorry that I'm getting emotional right now, but the way I go out there and do my business and the road I went through, I don't think nobody could do it the way I did. So I'll always have the strength to keep on going.

"I just have to move on and hopefully, I can latch on with another team and pursue my dream and keep on playing."

One of the positives of Williams' stats was that he only walked 16 hitters in his 47.2 innings. He also struck out 38. It's just that he kept giving up runs.

"What it boils down to, in baseball, you need to perform," Williams said. "And I didn't do that."

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