Corporan ahead of Stassi in concussion recovery

Corporan ahead of Stassi in concussion recovery
August 29, 2013, 8:15 pm
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Carlos Corporan is further along in his recovery from a concussion than Max Stassi, who is still having problems with his balance. Both Astros catchers, who sustained their first concussion within days of each other, are on the seven-day concussion disabled list.

Corporan said he’s been feeling better for about three days and has done well with the concussion tests.

“I had a better score now than I had in spring training. Maybe the concussion made me smarter,” said Corporan.

Corporan, who did not make the road trip to Chicago, said on Thursday he
plans on taking batting practice soon. He may hit off a tee on Saturday and face live batting practice on Sunday.

Following several days of rest, Corporan has been getting in some conditioning.

“I’ve just been working out, doing some bike, stretching,” said Corporan. “Maybe this week I’ll start hitting.”

Stassi sustained no facial fractures when he was struck in the shoulder/face area by a pitch on Aug. 21 at Texas.

“I have a little bit of a headache, but mainly it’s my balance,” said Stassi. “On the right side, when I close my eyes, and stand up on one foot, I tend to lose my balance when my eyes are closed.

“I’m all wobbly. They won’t clear me to get out there until that clears up and I know it’s safe, and all the symptoms are subsided.”

Stassi has been tested twice after sustaining the mild concussion and he wasn’t sure when he’ll be tested again, saying it could be Saturday or Monday.

“I’m still just hanging out,” said Stassi. “96 (mph) in the head doesn’t mix well.

“I used to think you get a concussion all it does is rattle your brain and you’re good a couple days later. I didn’t realize all these side effects.”

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