Chia-Jen Lo reflects on his 1st Astros season

Chia-Jen Lo reflects on his 1st Astros season
September 27, 2013, 8:45 pm
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Mandarin Minute: Chia-Jen Lo on the 2013 season

Chia-Jen Lo sat down with Howard Chen to discuss his first season in the big leagues.

When he was called up during the season, Lo instantly became the Astros' first Taiwanese player ever.

He showed potential, even establishing himself as one of the team's closers for a stretch.

All in all, Lo told Chen his first season was a learning experience of dealing with the big leagues. It was something he could never have foreseen, he said, as a kid who admired Chien-Ming Wang growing up, when Wang was in his prime with the Yankees. Coincidentally, it's the Yankees who are in town for the Astros' final series of the year. Lo says that, since Wang starred for the Bronx Bombers in his heyday, of course Lo had a special rooting interest for the Yanks growing up.

And now, he's in the bigs himself, with the first year out of the way and looking for more success down the road.

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