Astros explore AAA team, spring training moves

Astros explore AAA team, spring training moves
March 31, 2013, 9:45 pm
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Astros owner Jim Crane is excited to finally get the new season started.

But there is still business to which to attend. Before Sunday’s Opening Day game versus the Rangers, Crane met with the media and one of the main issues addressed was the ongoing discussion of relocating spring training. The Astros’ lease in Kissimmee, Fla., is up in 2016, and the team is planning to move to an area “South” of their current base, hinting at an area around West Palm Beach or Palm City.

“We’ve got to get a vote in from the state. If they approve it, then (we) get the money,” Crane said. “We’ve got to get the state to put up some money and the local city to put up some money. And they’re willing to do it. It’s in motion.”

Crane also said the Astros will do a “two team deal” in which they will pair up with another MLB club whose spring training is based in Florida.  The club hopes to make an announcement in May.

Another project Crane said the Astros are working hard on is moving their Class AAA team from Oklahoma City to an area north of the Woodlands and added former Astros star Craig Biggio is leading up that initiative.      

“We’ve got to get a deal done where we can build a stadium in a spot that’s far enough away. We’ve been looking at a few spots, but there’s a little work there to do to get that done,” Crane said. “That’s going to take a couple years to get that done but you’ve got to start planning.”

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