Lin’s international popularity still growing

Lin’s international popularity still growing
February 16, 2013, 8:30 pm
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Linsanity isn’t dead. Far from it.

When asked in a press conference before Saturday night’s All-Star competitions, NBA Deputy Commissioner Adam Silver said Lin’s popularity is still growing internationally.

“It’s grown,” Silver said. “His popularity has increased in China. The Houston Rockets have continued to remain a popular television attraction, both in China and Taiwan. I think he’s demonstrated that he was not a flash in the pan. That he’s a highly successful NBA guard who’s continuing to grow in his development. And I think he’s continued to grow as a person. He’s engaged in lots of different marketing activities in the offseason. But most importantly people are seeing that he has real growth potential as a player.”

Lin’s magical 25-game stretch in New York spawned t-shirts, posters and the “Linsanity” catchphrase. His numbers haven’t been as good with the Rockets but they’re still solid as he’s transitioned into a real NBA starter.

While Lin’s popularity is growing, he’s still not one of the most popular NBA players internationally. The biggest stars around the world are the biggest stars in the states too.

“The most popular players are the ones that win championships,” Silver said. “Jeremy has a ways to go from that standpoint. But it’s fun to watch his growth as a person and as a player.”