10 random observations from All-Star Weekend

10 random observations from All-Star Weekend
February 18, 2013, 1:15 pm
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All-Star Game puts on a show in Houston

The All-Star Game is over and Houston is back to normal. But it was certainly fun while it lasted.

After covering all of the events leading up to the game and the game itself, there were plenty of worthy stories. And we wrote and filmed them. But then there's the stupid stuff that normally gets lost forever.

Not this time. Here are 10 pretty random (and mostly stupid) observations from All-Star Weekend.

1. 2 Chainz is really tall. The rapper took a photo next to Dikembe Mutombo on Saturday night and didn't look like a child. He's probably around 6-5, 6-6.

2. Remember that ballboy that Terrence Ross dunked over? Well, he wasn't just a ballboy. His name is Michael Costolo. He's the son of Twitter CEO Dick Costolo. It's pretty fitting, actually. That dunk blew up Twitter.

3. In the Toyota Center this weekend for surf and turf nachos for $48. Nothing too over-the-top this weekend.

4. The NBA played videos of the players singing love songs during the breaks of the game and during the All-Star Game. We'll give the best performance award to the Sixers' Jrue Holiday.

5. Kenneth Faried made a three-pointer during the Rising Stars game and went on to win the game's MVP. Faried, in his second season in the NBA, has never attempted a three-pointer in a regular season game. After the Rising Stars Challenge, he joked that he can shoot threes but his coach won't let him.

6. David Stern is already starting to enjoy retirement and he's not even retired yet. He cracked joke after joke during his press conference with Deputy Commissioner Adam Silver. Stern joked that Silver could have fun deciding between Brooklyn and New York for the 2015 All-Star Game.

7. Tyson Chandler won an NBA Championship, an Olympic gold medal and a Defensive Player of the Year trophy before ever being named to an All-Star team. This was his first All-Star appearance.

8. Just about the only time Carmelo Anthony took off his sunglasses was during the actual game. He wore them just about everywhere else we saw him.

9. When Dr. J walked onto the SportsTalk Live set on Friday night and sat down next to Calvin Murphy, it was one of the most magical TV moments I've ever been around. He was stuck in traffic and we weren't sure he was going to make it. When he did, the fans in attendance went crazy. Before MJ, before LeBron, before Magic, there was Dr. J.  

10. Inflatable mascots are awesome. I'd rather eliminate other mascots and just go with all inflatable ones. They're hilarious. It's near impossible to watch them without laughing.