A year ago today: The birth of Linsanity

A year ago today: The birth of Linsanity
February 4, 2013, 7:15 pm
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A look back at Linsanity

One year ago today, Linsanity was born.

The date was February 4, 2012. The Knicks were struggling at the point guard position with Baron Davis hurt. They had signed Jeremy Lin to a 10-day contract after Lin had spent time in the D-League.

Looking for a spark, the Knicks gave Lin the most significant minutes of his career when they played the New Jersey Nets. Lin responded with 25 points, 7 assists, and a 99-92 victory, the first of seven straight wins for the Knicks.

After that Nets game, Lin moved into the starting lineup. That 25-point career high that he had set against the Nets was quickly passed the next game when he scored 28 against the Jazz.

All in all, Lin averaged 23.9 points and 9.2 assists during those first 11 games. The Knicks were 9-2. Linsanity took over the world, leading to a plethora of Lin puns, magazine covers, and eventually, a new contract to join the Houston Rockets.

Lin has always been the underdog. From the time he didn't receive a single NCAA Division I scholarship offer (after winning a state title and being the Northern California Division II Player of the Year), to when he went undrafted, to when he spent time in the D-League, to when he slept on a couch to start his New York days, Linsanity will never be forgotten.

And Monday marked the one-year anniversary of when Jeremy Lin started to change perceptions by solidifying himself as someone worthy of serious NBA minutes.