Win over Lakers gives Rockets more confidence

Win over Lakers gives Rockets more confidence
December 5, 2012, 7:30 pm
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Lakers win gives Rockets confidence

Kelvin Sampson told reporters after Wednesday's practice that Tuesday's win over the Lakers gave the Rockets a confidence boost heading into Friday's game against the Spurs.

"For us, as young as we are, wins are wins," Sampson said. "Wins mean more to us than San Antonio. San Antonio expects to win. And they should. They're either going to be in the Conference Finals or the NBA Finals, one or the other, and if they're not, it's going to be a big upset. For us, we're the youngest team in the league, we're inexperienced, so wins like last night, beating Chicago, beating New York, beating the Lakers, beating Toronto, whoever we beat is a big deal for us.

"All those wins are huge for our team because you can tell it gives us confidence," he added. "For us, in our infancy, it's a big deal."