What's next for Lin and Harden?

What's next for Lin and Harden?
December 11, 2012, 10:00 am
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Harden on Lin: 'Hopefully he can stay on that roll'

With Jeremy Lin coming off his best game as a Houston Rocket, the question begs to be asked: Will this still exist when James Harden comes back from his ankle injury?

Obviously, the Rockets are looking to fully utilize both players' strengths for the betterment of the team. It's something the team acknowledges is a work in progress.

"There are things that we've got to do that we have either side of the floor," Kevin McHale said. "Jeremy can get to his right hand on the left side. James can get to his left hand on the right side. So you can do a lot of both-sided stuff with two guys and they can both get to their strong hand when they're driving. We've got to get better in some areas and put in some stuff that can help those guys play together. And we will.

"They're going to be fine."

"That's just something that we've got to keep working at," Lin said. "And it's just a process. We all understand that. It's not just me. It's just getting everybody involved, everybody comfortable when we get out there, we have that same type of familiarity that San Antonio has where everybody's getting going and everyone's comfortable and I think it's just a matter of time. We're all working at it. We all want it."

On Tuesday after practice, Harden was asked about the topic.

"He had a tremendous game last night," Harden said. "Hopefully, he can continue to be aggressive. That's all you can do.

"Good players are going to shoot their shots. As long as he can keep it up, I can follow with him," Harden continued. "I'm not the type of guy who wants to come out and just score 30 points every night. Whatever it takes to win, I'll do it. Hopefully, we can keep that up and just continue to be aggressive."