Swagger not yet where it needs to be

Swagger not yet where it needs to be
January 22, 2013, 7:45 pm
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Rockets searching to regain confidence

The Rockets have confidence. It's just a matter of having enough of it to trust teammates and let the game come to them.

Right now, there's still room for that part to grow.

"That (the confidence) comes and goes," Kevin McHale said. "We've got to get out there. The NBA's a hard, hard league, the hardest league in the world. We're going to go through good times and bad times.

"That's a big part of confidence, is knowing that when you do your job, your teammates are going to be there to back you up and that you're going to make the right plays," he said.

James Harden also stressed the importance of getting that swagger back.

"We don't have a veteran team," Harden said. "A veteran team knows how to win, knows how to play four or five nights or whatever the case may be. We have to go over those things every single day just to will guys in.

"We're a very young team, so we've got to go over a lot of things. We've got to reiterate a lot of things. Small things to help us every single game. When you don't get those opportunities to practice, it kind of messes it up a little bit."

Bottom line, the Rockets are still trying to fix a number of issues, whether it be defense, the turnovers, free throws, ball movement, the list goes on and on. Winning one game's nice, but putting together another solid string of games would certainly help the team believe more in each other and function better, as a team, on the floor.