Slide hasn't removed Rockets from playoff pack

Slide hasn't removed Rockets from playoff pack
January 20, 2013, 10:00 am
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McHale after loss: 'We didn't play well'

Even as the Rockets struggle, they're still in the Western Conference playoff picture.

At the beginning of the team's seven-game skid, the Rockets were the sixth seed and climbing closer to Golden State. TImes have changed. They've gone from 21-14 to 21-21. Still, the teams who were close to the Rockets, even when times were good, haven't fully taken advantage. That continued on Saturday when the Blazers lost to the Bucks 110-104.

Because of that loss, the Blazers remained tied with the Rockets for the eight and final playoff spot in the Western Conference, tiebreakers not withstanding.

It's a reminder that, while times may be rough right now in Red Nation, the big picture, or playoff picture, is still very much in focus.