Should Harden carry the Rockets?

Should Harden carry the Rockets?
January 24, 2013, 2:00 am
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Lin on Harden: 'We need to find a balance'

The Rockets have many things on their minds. One issue seems to be if James Harden is trying too hard.

Harden's potentially on the verge of being named an NBA All-Star. In his first year in the leading role, Harden is fifth in the league in scoring at 25.9 points a game with 5.4 assists. However, he also has at least four turnovers in each of his last 11 games. His 3.8 turnovers rank second highest in the league. He has the most total turnovers in the league.

Kevin McHale talked extensively after Wednesday's 105-95 loss to the Nuggets about how the team's ball movement was lacking, how the ball was sticky, how the spacing wasn't there.

When asked if the team's offensive struggles were a mental thing, Patrick Patterson brought up Harden.

"It just comes down to defense," Patterson said. "If we get down and sometimes, somebody wants to make plays to get us back in the game, and then that leads to excessive dribbling, you know, trying to pass it at the last minute, trying to put the game on your shoulders, you know, and James is a great, great player, don't get me wrong. James is our best player, hands down. You know, but we all try to make plays for ourselves and sometimes for our teammates, when really we should just pass the ball, move the ball, set screens, sacrifice ourselves to make this team a better team. When you get down, you tend to have plays where people want to make the big home-run play, pretty much, and we have to stop doing that. We have to learn to trust in the system, trust our teammates, and pretty much just share the ball. Because when we share the ball... we get to the free throw line, we knock down our shots, and then we have big wins."

The Rockets have lost eight of their last nine games. Their next game takes place Friday against the Hornets.