Sampson on Spurs: 'Probably the best system in the NBA'

Sampson on Spurs: 'Probably the best system in the NBA'
December 6, 2012, 11:45 am
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Kelvin Sampson has the ultimate respect for the San Antonio Spurs as the two teams prepare to face each other on Friday.

The Rockets' acting head coach has worked with Spurs' head man Gregg Popovich in the past, so he knows why the Spurs are good year after year.

"When you have players coaching players, you know you have it going on," Sampson said about the Spurs' continuity over the years. "And that’s what they have. They have probably the best system in the NBA because they have the players who have been in it the longest."

Now in his 17th year with the club (the longest-tenured coach with the same team in any league: NFL/MLB/NBA/NHL), Popovich has coached the Spurs to four NBA titles. He is one of five coaches in league history to win four or more NBA championships.

Popovich's Spurs are currently 15-4, good enough to be tied for the league's second-best record.