Role trumps starting for Lin

Role trumps starting for Lin
October 15, 2013, 5:15 pm
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Lin on starting: 'I don't think it really matters'

When it comes to starting, there are bigger issues for Jeremy Lin to concentrate on than who is on the court for the opening tip.

“Last year I started some games and played 15 minutes in the game,” Lin said at practice on Tuesday. “So it doesn’t really matter if you start or come off the bench.”

What’s more important is the role that each player eventually slides into.

“I don’t think it really matters who starts,” Lin said. “I think it matters more about the rotation like the time that you play or who finishes.”

The Rockets have the luxury of having two players that can start at point guard, Lin and Patrick Beverley. How they split the time will be a balancing act that Kevin McHale will have to deal with, and it’s something he hopes to refine before the start of the season.

“You want to get your nine, 10-man rotation, then inside of that they’re all going to play at times with each other,” McHale said. “A bunch of different combinations, that’s what I want to look at.”