Rockets look to limit the lob in Lob City

Rockets look to limit the lob in Lob City
January 14, 2013, 7:15 pm
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Can the Rockets stop high-flying Clippers?

The Rockets hope the Clippers don't bring their Lob City repertoire to the game on Tuesday night.

"They get out in transition," Toney Douglas said. "They're Lob City. They're a Lob City team. They get out there: Blake Griffin, DeAndre Jordan, lobs. So we've got to be extra careful and take care of the ball."

"Going against guys like that, you've got to challenge them and they're athletic and they're freaks," Chandler Parsons said. "But you've got to challenge them. You've got to foul them hard. You've got to do whatever you can do to not let them get those momentum plays."

Kevin McHale prefers to keep the Clippers below the rim.

"We better play more physical and we better pack the paint and make them make jump shots," McHale said. "They can make jump shots, but if they beat you making jump shots, you can live with that. You can't live with them making highlight film and having dunks and lay-ups, stuff like that."

So while the Clippers may or may not have a healthy Chris Paul in the lineup come Tuesday, high fliers Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan are still in the lineup. And the Rockets know they'll have to deal with them.