No timetable yet for McHale's return

No timetable yet for McHale's return
November 30, 2012, 7:30 pm
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Lin: Seeing McHale put things into perspective

(Rick Osentoski - US Presswire)

The topic of Kevin McHale's return wasn't brought up when the team joined McHale at his daughter's funeral earlier in the week.

Sasha McHale passed away at the tender age of 23 last Saturday afternoon.

"To be able to go see Coach McHale, you know, we're so focused on what's at hand and what we're doing today," Jeremy Lin said. "That allowed us to take a step back and look at the bigger picture of everything in life."

"I've never had anyone pass close to me," Chandler Parsons added. "I'm so close to Coach McHale. Just seeing him hurt and down really got to me. That was a tough time."

Patrick Patterson said, "It was emotional. It was a positive and a sad feeling. Positive in that that we got to see him, (his) wife, all of them pretty much. It was a good feeling. We wanted to be there to support him and the family. How sad this is, you know, mourning a loss. But we're all appreciative that we could be there for him and the family, in time of need. It was just a good moment for all of us to be together.

"He'll be with us whenever he's ready. Hopefully, sooner than later, but we understand the situation that's going on. Family is what comes first."