Morey discusses Rockets options going forward

Morey discusses Rockets options going forward
July 14, 2014, 11:15 pm
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CSNHouston Staff

Daryl Morey spoke with CSN Houston about his reasoning behind not matching Chandler Parsons' offer sheet from the Mavericks and where the Rockets go from here.

Parsons got a three-year, $46 million contract from the Mavericks. The Rockets declined to match the offer on Sunday after Chris Bosh chose to stay in Miami, opting instead to bring aboard Trevor Ariza.

"I think, bottom line, every decision we make, we decide do we have a better chance to win a title before or after a massive decision," Morey told CSN Houston's Steve Bunin. "That's how we evaluate. We're not trying to be a team that makes the first round and loses like we were disappointed with last year. We're not a team trying to make the second round or the third round. We're trying to make a championship team. We swing for the fence.

"If we got Bosh, we were going to match Chandler," Morey added. "Without Bosh, basically what you're saying is Dwight, Harden, and Chandler is going to have to be our championship core. And the question is: is that a better bet than Dwight, Harden, and what we can do with the trade exception, the draft pick we picked up from New Orleans that's structured like the pick that we got for James Harden, and the full midlevel, all the cap flexibility we have. We think it's much better to bet on improving the team through other ways versus matching Chandler Parsons."

On why a Big Three of Howard, Harden, and Parsons wouldn't quite be good enough, Morey answered, "It's not a question of do you think it's good enough. It's a question of what's your best bet. So is your best bet that core of those three? Or is your best bet Harden and Dwight plus what we can do with the trade exception, midlevel, cap flexibility going forward. I feel very strongly we're going to be a better playoff team this year than last year.

"We felt like the bet on what we could do with our picks and cap room was better than locking into that core."

And about the potential to pick up another marquee player even with several players, including Jeremy Lin and Parsons, now gone? Morey's confident it can be done.

"We're going to continue to have opportunities this season and potentially in the future to add a significant player," Morey said. "It doesn't have to be necessarily a Big Three. Every team has a Big Three. (It's) their first three players. What you need is, you need to make sure that having three elite players is very important. And once you have what you think is your best bet with that, then it's okay to lock in. Prior to that, continuing to improve, continuing to stay flexible, is the most important thing."