McHale on offense: 'The ball got sticky'

McHale on offense: 'The ball got sticky'
December 16, 2012, 4:00 pm
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Slow starts and inconsistency doomed the Rockets on Sunday afternoon.

Houston missed its first five shots of the game, didn't score a point until just over four minutes in, then went through a similar stretch out of the half, missing their first four shots and needing almost three minutes to make their first hoop in the second half.

After the game, Kevin McHale called the ball "sticky" as the Rockets tried to run their offensive sets, basically saying there wasn't enough ball movement.

The Rockets' leading scorer for the game, James Harden, was asked about it afterwards.

"Yeah, it's a mixture of that and guys just not making shots today," Harden said. "So it's a mixture of both. We have to correct those things, watch some film, and get better at it."

On the defensive end, the Rockets had their stretches shutting down the Raptors, but Toronto also made a number of tough shots with the shot clock winding down.

"They made a lot of shots - double-digit points when the shot clock was going down," Harden said. "So credit to them, but we've got to do better at what we do."