'Linsanity' headed to Viva Cinema

'Linsanity' headed to Viva Cinema
October 18, 2013, 4:15 pm
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CSNHouston Staff

"Linsanity" is headed to a third different area theatre in its third week of running in Houston.

For those who haven't seen the movie, the documentary is now shifting to Viva Cinema on Bellaire Blvd. Previously, the film was shown at the AMC on Dunvale and Sundance Cinemas on Texas Street. Currently, the film can be seen in nine theatres nationwide. In a week, "Linsanity" will open in three more theatres in Arlington, VA, Berkeley, CA, and Ridgefield Park, NJ.

"'Linsanity' is in its third week of its theatrical run and is holding strong," said Christopher Chen, one of the film's producers, in a release. "Thanks to the community support otherwise, it would have come and gone.  We are still doing very very well as it compares to other independent films, so we're trying to continue momentum, towards further expansion nationwide.  So please, tell your family, your friends, and your various groups to continue going to the theater to support!!  Thank you to each of you for helping spread the word and the success each week is dependent on your participation."