"Linsanity" coming to 10 more theatres nationwide!

"Linsanity" coming to 10 more theatres nationwide!
October 9, 2013, 5:30 pm
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CSNHouston Staff

"Linsanity" is expanding into 10 more theatres around the country.

The film had opened in select cities, including Houston, on Oct. 4. Based on opening week numbers, the following theatres will begin showing "Linsanity" on Oct. 11:

New York - Main Street Cinemas, Flushing, NY
New York - Soundview Cinemas, Port Washington, NY
Los Angeles - South Coast Village, Santa Ana, CA
Chicago - Logan Theatre
Chicago - AMC Barrington
Washington, DC - AMC Hoffman, Alexandria, VA
Boston - AMC Boston Common
Seattle - AMC Alderwood, Lynwood, WA
Seattle - AMC Pacific Place
Hawaii - Cons Pearlridge West, Aiea, HI

Oct. 11 is also the date "Linsanity" premieres in Taiwan.

In other news, Houston's screenings of "Linsanity" will be condensed into one theatre, the AMC Theatres on Dunvale, after this week.