Lin, Rockets react to trades, roster shakeup

Lin, Rockets react to trades, roster shakeup
February 21, 2013, 12:15 am
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Lin and Parsons react to Wednesday's trades

Minutes before the Rockets hosted the Thunder on Wednesday night, the guys in the home locker room had a bombshell dropped on them.

Four teammates were gone. Traded away. New guys were coming in. They didn’t even know who.

But the Rockets still had a game and came from behind to take down one of the league’s best teams in the Thunder. But after the game, they were still in the locker room trying to process the thought of four friends missing from the locker room.

“That was just pretty much the worst thing,” Jeremy Lin said. “It sucks because we’re a close-knit team and we actually really, really care about everybody that got shipped off and it was just really emotional for me.

“To be honest, I was like ‘I don’t even want to play. I don’t even want to play tonight.’ It was really emotional. I wish them the best. It just sucks to see them go and I guess that’s a part of the business but that’s a tough part for me.”

Lin played and played well, scoring 29 points and dishing out eight assists, while being a little under the weather. But Lin might have even felt worse about losing his friends from the locker room.

The Rockets traded Patrick Patterson, Cole Aldrich and Toney Douglas to the Kings for Thomas Robinson, Francisco Garcia and Tyler Honeycutt. And they also traded Marcus Morris to the Phoenix Suns for a second-round pick.

“I don’t know. I don’t know what to say,” said Patrick Beverley, who will likely start seeing extended minutes in the absence of Douglas. “I just know it’s a business. It’s good that those guys will have an opportunity to play on other teams but that’s what we signed up for.”

After finding out about the trades just minutes before their game began, forward Chandler Parsons called the game the “weirdest” he’s ever been a part of.

While the Rockets bring in a big piece in Thomas Robinson, who was the fifth overall pick in the last draft, there’s the thought that these trades might hurt the Rockets’ chances this season. Parsons was quick to dismiss that thought.

“No I don’t think so,” Parsons said when asked if he was worried about the rest of this season. “We have our core guys that do the most of the carrying of the team. The guys that are here now are great locker room guys. We’re going to miss those four guys who are gone but it’s not going to affect us going forward. We’re going to play our game and we’re going to welcome in the new guys.”

But who are those new guys? Parsons didn’t even know who the Rockets were getting back in the trades until a media member filled him in. The named “Thomas Robinson” was a familiar one to Parsons, who said Robinson is close with Morris, who the Rockets dealt on the same day.

“He’s like Mook’s brother,” Parsons said. “I think Marcus’ mom adopted him. He’s just a tough rugged player. I think he’ll help us. We obviously need some size losing Cole and Patrick and (Morris), so he’s a good player. He’s young and he’s a great kid.”

Aside from the thought that the Rockets’ trade doesn’t help them this season, is the thought and reports that they’re not done.

Are there more moves coming?

“I hope not,” said head coach Kevin McHale.

The trade deadline is at 2 p.m. CT on Thursday. If the Rockets are done, they should have their new players soon enough. And they’ll need to integrate them without losing their chemistry. Again, Parsons isn’t worried.

“I think we have enough guys on the roster who are big minute players who understand what we need to do,” he said. “These new guys will come in and fit in and do what ever Coach McHale asks them to do and we stick to our gameplan and our strategy and finish out the season strong.”