Lin, McHale: Team confidence an issue

Lin, McHale: Team confidence an issue
January 24, 2013, 12:15 am
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Lin says Rockets are lacking confidence

After Wednesday's loss to the Nuggets, Jeremy Lin and Kevin McHale both say the team needs to improve its confidence.

When asked whether confidence or focus caused all the different lapses in the game, McHale responded, "Right now, we're low on confidence."

To which Lin said: "I think we, as a team, from the coaching staff to the players, we've got to get back to feeling good about ourselves and feeling confident about what we're doing. Right now, I think there's a hint of hesitation and I think that's hurting. I think people are trying to make the right plays, definitely, but I think we're trying to figure it all out. And I think everyone's thinking a lot. Everyone has a lot on their minds right now."

The Rockets have now lost eight of their last nine games.