Lin and Harden duo building that chemistry

Lin and Harden duo building that chemistry
December 19, 2012, 5:45 pm
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Can Lin and Harden coexist?

Against the New York Knicks, the Jeremy Lin/James Harden duo worked beautifully to the tune of 50 points.

That was especially good to see after some rough patches earlier in the season.

"We're definitely growing our chemistry," Lin said. "We're getting better together and I think we both want the same thing. We just weren't sure and sometimes we got confused about how to work or what to do to make it work better, but we're building every day and it's coming together nicely.

"I think some nights you have ist, some nights you don't," he continued. "The more you can get to the point where you minimize the off nights, the better you can be."

Harden agreed, saying the key was to "just stay aggressive."

"It's still going to take some time," Harden said. "It's only been 20-something games. You guys (the media) expect it to happen overnight, but we're both two guys who want to make our teammates happy, so we'll figure it out."

Against the Knicks, they most certainly did. Now, the tough part: doing so on a consistent basis.